REKON Outdoor Gear™ Optics Optimized CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Ambush™ Tripod with PH-1 Panhead R025

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REKON Outdoor Gear™ Optics Optimized CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Ambush™ Tripod with PH-1 Panhead combine precision engineering, innovative design, and value in support of hunters, precision shooters, military & law enforcement, and photographers.

Key Features of the REKON Outdoor Gear™ Optics Optimized CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Ambush™ Tripod with PH-1 Panhead 

REKON CT-3HD and PH-1 Pan Head carbon fiber tripod


REKON Outdoor Gear™ CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Ambush™ Tripod:

  • Unique heavy recoil resistant precision aluminum magnesium transition assembly with REKON's proprietary designed reinforcements to critical stress areas
  • Loading weight capacity 66lbs Tripod only (33lbs with PH-1 Panhead)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Advanced Lightweight 8-Layer Carbon Fiber Leg Construction
  • Featuring 4-Section Tripod legs with 3 length adjustable sections
    • Quickly secure length adjustment with twist Lock / unlock
  • Max leg tube diameter is 1.574 inches / 40mm
  • With tripod legs collapsed the CT-3HD tripod is has an overall length of 26 inches (with ball head installed), making it small enough for easy carry in the field
  • Three selectable leg angle positions provide flexibility and enable shooting, video, and optics usage in cramped or irregular situations for maximum stability and flexibility in any situation
  • Accommodates users up to shooters 6ft 9in in height while standing
  • Stability enhancing column hook, located in the bottom of the center bowl allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod's center of gravity for increased stability if desired
  • Includes removable camo leg wraps & shoulder carry pad in digital woodland for maximum breakup in hunting situations as wells as leg protection and ease of carry in the field
  • Removable Non-slip rubber feet, steel spike feet, and snow shoe for all terrain versatility
  • CT-3HD Tripod weight (with PH-1 Panhead installed): 7 lbs 3 oz.

REKON PH-1 Pan Head

 Key Features of the REKON Outdoor Gear™ PH-1 Panhead 

  • 360 degree panning
  • Separate Head and Pan tension adjustment/lock: Individual pitch head tension and lock knob as well as pan lock aid in perfect adjustment settings
  • Rated at 33lb loading weight
  • Precision Aluminum alloy construction
    • PH-1 weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Extreme cold weather reliability- factory sealed with arctic cold resistant grease
  • Quick Release Accessory Plate with 1/4-20 screw interfaces with numerous camera, optic, etc mounts
    • Base is threaded for UNC 3/8
  • Versatile - Detachable metal pan handle allows for forward or aft and Left or right hand pan handle installation
  • Tilt angle range: up +90 degrees to down -75 degrees
  • Bubble level


The REKON Outdoor Gear™ CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Ambush™ Tripod with PH-1 Pan Head includes the following:

1x REKON PH-1 Panhead
1x REKON Ball Head Quick Release Accessory Plate
1x REKON CT-3HD Tripod
1x REKON Set Camo Leg wraps (digital woodland)
3x REKON Metal Spike Feet & Snowshoes
1x REKON Tripod Carry / Storage Bag
1x REKON Hex Wrench & Manual
  • CT-3HD Carbon Fiber Tripod: Limited 3-Year
  • PH-1 Panhead: Limited 1-Year
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