Triclawps Double Cam Tri-Pod Rifle Rest Mod-2

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Triclawps MOD2 - Same revolutionary function as the Original Double Cam MOD 1 but with the all-new redesigned MOD 2 cam levers.  The new MOD 2 cam levers were designed with more "throw" or "travel" within the cam levers to allow for a larger range of opening and closing distance upon locking and unlocking the levers.  What this means is that once you set the jaws of the saddle to the width of the firearm stock, then all the shooter needs to do to open and close the saddle is lock or unlock the cam levers, no more turning of the handles to open and close the jaws. This means super fast placement and removal of the firearm within the saddle when setting up to shoot.  This is advantageous if the shooter does not plan on leaving the saddle clamped to the firearm when in the field, but would rather attach the saddle on the tripod first and clamp in the firearm when needed.  Please watch the provided YouTube video to fully demonstrate the new MOD 2 cam levers and the difference between MOD 1 and MOD 2 cam levers.

Triclawps moved away from a machined aluminum shooting saddle realizing there's a better material. The glass-reinforced, hi-density injected resin we use is also used in 1,000 pound pulley systems. This allows us to cut the weight and the cost in half, yet offer the same rigidity and stability as aluminum saddles. It's cutting edge and it's just better, Period!

The Double Cam Saddle is particularly suited for shooters who will leave the saddle fixed to their weapon. Once the cam levers flip, they are solid. By leaving it attached to your rifle, you're able to quickly get into and out of the tripod to make a shot when time is running out.

The standard 1/4" 20 threading ensures your system will work on just about any camera tripod.

Triclawps comes with a lifetime, no fault, no questions asked manufacturer warranty.

  • Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Material: Glass Reinforced Resin
  • Maximum Open: 83mm
  • Minimum Open: 35mm
  • Made In The U.S.A.